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Attic Frog is a frog who lives in Jamie's attic. He first appeared in The Wrath of Dr. Evil. He is an Attic Golf professional. He has a very positive attitude and he loves everything. He even loves things he hates, like politics. But there is only one thing he dislikes, people who hate attic golf.


Jeremy C. Frogger was born August 7th, 1976. His family, including his parents and two brothers, lived in the President of Dupville's attic. There wasn't much to do, and the only thing they had to eat was floor paneling. To entertain himself, he drew a target onto the wall with a can of paint, and he found an old golf bag with a club and golf balls. He hit the golf balls into the target. His whole family began to play it.

In 1984, when he was in 3rd grade, he brought his golf bag with him during recess. He showed the other kids how to play, and it became a schoolyard sensation. All the kids were playing this newly invented sport every day. Attic Frog decided to call this sport "Attic Golf", named after it's foundation.

In 1990, Attic Golf became a major league sport. National Attic Golf Tournaments were aired on FTQO. Videos games such as Jaguar Forest QHB Attic Golf Tour were made. Attic Frog made billions from his new sport.

In 1993, he created his one hit wonder "Attic Song", which over 3 million records sold. Everyone approved of it and became a pro of almost everything.