The extremely angry cake himself!

Cakey is an extremely p!$sed off cake from Happy Land, a mass of land right outside of Dupville. He has wheels to move and knives that shoot out fire and electricity. He is on fire, has seaweed growing on his back, has two mismatched red/green eyes and 4 pairs of teeth, and has all sorts of weird toppings. He kills anything that's in his way. Anything. He speaks in an extremely deep voice.


On May 8th, 1979, Cakey was a birthday cake, but somehow the baker really messed up and gave him wheels, turret knives and a brain. I have no idea how you screw that up so badly. Maybe they hired the military engineer to bake a cake by accident somehow. When he was about to be eaten, he sprung to life, killed everyone, and has been extremely pissed since. He became so angry he caught on fire and has been on fire since.


  • Cakey has a son who he wants to grow up to be just like him.

    Cakey and Cakey Jr.

  • He is apparently friends with Forky, since in Cakey's Adventure, Forky is there and asks Cakey his wife and kids are doing.