The Logo

Dup Fortress is a running gag, when tersock made a Team Fortress 2 logo, and Dominic said "We should make Dup Fortress as a level." So they tried, and gave up after a while.

Meet the Dups Videos

The original Meet Mr. Bob was posted to tersock's YouTube, but when The Dups YouTube was created, he updated it, and reposted it.

Dup Fortress 2 - Meet Mr

Dup Fortress 2 - Meet Mr. Bob

The Mod

On the 8th of December, Grooby started making a mod for Team Fortress 2 named...well...Dup Fortress 2 obviously! It is planned to have custom models, custom sounds and custom textures. Only textures and sounds have been done though, since Grooby has Crap Model Editing Software, but atleast we have support.
Dup Fortress 2 - Funny Video

Dup Fortress 2 - Funny Video

The Classes

  • Scout         > SHONNICK
  • Soldier       > Cakey
  • Pyro          > Jamie
  • Demoman  > Feedles
  • Heavy        > Mr. Bob
  • Engineer    > Scammers
  • Medic        > Attic Frog
  • Sniper       > Mr. Character
  • Spy           > Forky