Feedles is an odd creature that lives with Forky the Meatball for some reason. She's known to spout out nonsense, say strange names, and have an extreme hatred for Mr. Bob. She has no real voice, but only speaks in gibberish that somehow comes out in English.


Feedles came from an unknown planet. That's all there is.


  • One of the main reasons she has no voice is because the creators have no voice actresses.
  • Mr. Bob calls her Fedalz to annoy her.
  • Originally, Feedles was a sane and easily annoyed character who didn't tolerate any of Mr. Bob's nonsense. This personality was dropped as it made Feedles a rather boring and uninteresting character.
  • In the original versions of "Shonnic 1," Feedles makes a remark that Mr. Bob "should be shot up into space RIGHT NOW." What is interesting is that in next to last level in the defunct "Attack of the Muppets" level series makes a reference this remark. Mr. Bob makes a cameo, floating around in space right before you enter the final boss room with Kermit.