Forky the Meatball is a blue meatball who lives in a house shaped exactly like him. He wears a red hockey puck as a hat because he's bald, and speaks in a Bronx accent. He's a professional level maker and uses his hand fork to move, eat, pick up things, throw things, use means of self-defense, scratching his back, filing his taxes, and pretty much everything in between. Without his fork, he'd probably die within a week or two. He doesn't like Mr. Bob, but he doesn't exactly hate him.


Forky the Meatball was born March 28th 1949 in the Bonx in Dupville. He's currently unemployed.


  • Forky's first appearance was in The Wrath of Dr. Evil, made before the founding of The Dups.
  • He's appeared on Mugman multiple times.
  • For some unknown reason Feedles lives with him.
  • He once asked Cakey how his wife and kids are doing, so Cakey must be married.
  • Forky destroyed Mr. Bob's PS3, but it got repaired.