We are delighted to have you aboard The Dups Wiki, but as with all wikis, we need to set some ground rules.

1. No deleting or vandalizing any pages on The Dups Wiki. Obvious rule. Deletion of pages with no explaination will result in an IP ban.

2. No impersonating. We would like it if you would just be you and no one your not. It's understandable that you really like someone so much you want to be them but remember that they worked hard to be who they are.

3. No trolling/bullying. This is our most important rule. We can take a joke and have a few laughs, but when it comes to harassing someone of a reaction from them will NOT be tolerated and will get you banned. If we see any type of harassment to anyone, you will be IP banned. Seriously. The Dups isn't meant to be like that.

4. No lying. No one likes to be lied to, including us. Any false claims like someone else breaking the rules is not permitted under any circumstance. Any major cases will result in an IP ban.

5. Please make an account when editing. With an account, you can have your very own USER PAGE and you'll get credited for everything you do! You can also get badges, and you might have a chance to talk to us! What a deal!

"I should make an account!" -You, right now

With all respect, we can take a joke and have a good laugh, but when you start breaking the rules in such a way it's not even kidding anymore, that's where we draw the line. Also, we have final say on everything that goes down. So be nice, have fun, and don't be a jackass!


Our Admins are mix between actual members of The Dups themselves, friends, or just a random fan. Here's a list of each Admin on the Wiki: