Mr. Bob

Mr. Bob

Mr. Bob is a Grow-Your-Own-Little-Man brand water-inflated sponge that was grown in 1996. He has no parents or friends that respect him. He is the main protagonist of the series.


Forky added some water to a Grow-Your-Own-Little-Man sponge one day in 1996, and Mr. Bob was born, looking exactly the same as he does now. The first thing he said, saw and ate were doughnuts, hence his unhealthy addiction and obsession with them. He lives in Empty Level, with his dog and TV.


Mr. Bob's a freelance video game developer, spokesperson, politician, policeman, and animator, who prefers payment in doughnuts. He released many Sonic games and is Sega's best developer.


  • The sight of Sackboy has an effect on his brain, that being he can only shout commands at them.
  • You can make your own Mr. Bob costume using the magic mouth sticker glitch.
  • Mr. Bob's PS3 was destroyed by Forky the Meatball, but it was soon repaired.