Mr Fun

The criminal himself.

Mr. Fun is one of Mr. Bob's doppelgangers. Despite having "Fun" in his name, he is everything but. He is a serial killer who speaks in a loud, creepy voice. He lives in an dark alley in Downtown Dupville between Legit Business Inc. and Dupville Town Hall. He is known to take any children that happen to walk by the alley unsupervised. He also robs places such as Olive Garden. Before his acts, he says "READY FOR SOME FUN?!" Since he is a Ditto, he can transform into anything and can also break any wall.


He is a Ditto. He had no mother and was abused by his father, who always transformed into a whip. He never went to school nor had a job. When his father went to jail for robbing a bowling alley, he was all alone for the rest of his life. Since he was a blob and no one took him seriously, he saw Mr. Bob walk by one day and decided to look like him from now on.

The last thing you'll ever see if you're on his list.


  • He is based off a random Pokemon level when a Ditto said "tHiS lVl iS FoR mR fUn OnLy!!!"