I understand that a couple of you lot want to work on this Wiki, but it seems that everyone is attached to it and they're not helping the former members of the Dups continue with their other projects. Lemur has completely lost interest of the Dups and I don't really think it'll work without him being part of the team. Miles and a couple of other members are working on some much bigger projects, and I don't see them going back to the Dups anytime soon. I know this will probably upset you, but the whole Dups thing has done what it needed to be done, and it has pretty much finished it's job, so it's better off to just leave the Wiki alone. Keep in mind this is coming from the founder of this Wiki and I have known members of the Dups, so you know who to trust. Just appreciate it as it is and don't tamper with it. Anyone who edits any of the pages after the creation of this page will be banned from the Wiki. Please do understand what I'm trying to say here.