Scammers' Mugshot


Scammers was born on November 11th, 1951. He lives in the suburbs of Dupville, with his friend Forky the Meatball. He ran a lemonade stand as a child, charging $25 for a small paper cup full. He opened Scams Department Store in 1993.


In 2004, Scammers was convicted of hiring child workers without a license, costing him over 1.2 million dollars in damages, but he soon regained his money by blackmailing the president of Dupville and firing the little clerk boy.

A man you can trust.


  • Scammers has no relatives other than his niece.
  • He's actually just a slightly modifed upside-down Feedles. He's a very closely related species.
  • Scammers once kidnapped Dombineek and tried selling him, luckily he got to his tree.
  • There are more Scammers, which means Scammers has a species.

    The staff of Nickelodeon, who are the same species as Scammers.

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    Scammers in Jamie's Mod