The exterior.

Scams Department Store is the largest store in Dupville, and is owned by Scammers. It is known for selling poor quality products for rediculously high prices, mostly $599.99. Somehow people end up buying his stuff anyway. Maybe Dupville has a different exchange rate. Who knows? For all we know these could be regular prices. Whatever. There is also GameScams, a video game store built right next to the department store, also run by Scammers.


Scams Department Store is by the Downtown Dupville Hills. Next to it is (or maybe was) Eduran's Knick Knack Shack, owned by Attic Frog, but however Scammers burned it down in Scams Department Store - Holiday Sale. It is also beside GameScams.

The interior, specifically the electronics section.


Scams Department Store has yearly events and sales. Every holiday season, they have a holiday sale where everything is one cent off. You can also meet Santa, who's "back" from community servi... I mean, uhh... North Pole!


  • There is always different stuff in the window displays.
  • Scammers will eliminate any and all competition nearby.
  • Scammers has two employees; Scammers' Assistant and Dancy Mex.
  • The scams department store theme used in the commercials can be heard here.
  • Dombineek was once held captive in the windows of Scams.