Every now and then we have an idea that sounds amazing at the time, then later ends up being terrible and we scrap it hoping to never see it again.

Mr. Bob had a family


Last seen photo of Oinis Joe and Dombineek

Mr. Bob has absolutely no relatives because he was accidently brought to life by Forky. However, at one point, in the New Years Special, he had two relatives, Oinis Joe and Dombineek. Dombineek was apparently his nephew, meaning that he had siblings. Dombineek was a child who was obsessed with his Nintendo 3DS, and Oinis Joe is some guy who can only say his name. It got annoying pretty fast. Oinis Joe was scrapped and is now dead. Dombineek however, still remains and has a cameo every now and then.

Feedles was calm, normal character

Feedles was originally meant to be a crazy nut who spoke in complete nonsense, was extremly jumpy and laughed a lot. Somehow at the beginning though, she was a bland character with really nothing special. She had the Jessie gibberish voice. She was officially redone in The Dups Sitcom. She was redone due to not being what she was intended to be, and it was driving lemurboy12 insane. He made minor updates in all of the Season 1 levels to update her personality.

We were going to have a seperate series called Speedy


Speedy was created when lemurboy12 had guests over, and kicked off the team member averybealz somehow heard someone say "I'm Speedy!" and so lemurboy12 drew what he imagined Speedy as. He later drew "Dr. EggMcMuffinMan", making it more like an Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog parody.

The series was going to take place in a desert in Slightly Outdated Mexico and it would be about Dr. EggMcMuffingMan and his two henchman, Rumplesiltskin and The Hammus Monster trying to catch Speedy for absolutely no reason. Speedy luckily has the ability to "break the bounds" and somehow escapes all traps.

It was stupid.

Untitled My Little Pony parody

Tersock and Dominic11116 are bronies, in case you can't tell, and they wanted to make a Dups style parody of the show.


It was scrapped for several reasons. lemurboy12 and HellFire2345 thought it was a terrible idea, we couldn't think of anything that would make this stick out, and we were afraid of fan backlash. We've always kinda been inferred to be anti-bronies, or something along the line, according to lemurboy12, and this would probably make our fans angry.

This concept has lived on in several easter eggs, such as in SHONNIK 2006 on the TV.